Richard Curtis - Trick Masterclass.  24th October

Richard Curtis - Trick Masterclass. 24th October

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This is an amazing opportunity to work with the Amazing Richard Curtis one of the best Heelwork to music and freestyle competitiors in the UK.
On this workshop you will get the chance to work with Richard several times throughout the day in small groups learning and perfecting tricks, you can use these simply to impress or put them together in your routines of you are a Freestyle or HTM competitor.
Or simply spectate, make notes and train your dogs with what you have learned on this fantastic training day.
Dont miss out on this one as we know it will be popular

Richard has won the Crufts Freestyle title at Crufts 4 times with 3 different dogs, he has an awesome teaching style and is a great trainer, which we are hoping to learn lots from in order to turn our tricks into fabulous flowing routines!!
A bit about Richard:
I have been training dogs for over thirty five years having started as a child training my two West highland white terriers who got me hooked on taking part in various canine competitions. After much badgering of my parents I was finely allowed to have my first Border Collie who was not easy to handle but got me into competing in obedience. It was her daughter Sybil that I started to compete with in HTM as I found that she needed more to entertain her brain rather than just obedience.

After competing with Sybil I then started to train another of my Collies Jazz in HTM. Jazz was a delight to work and always trying her hardest. She was the first dog I competed with at Crufts when there was an invitational HTM competition.

As I got into the sport more I was asked to write the first book on the sport and subsequently launched a range of DVDs on how to get started as in the early days of the sport there wasn’t any information on how to teach the moves. Alongside this material I was asked to teach workshops and have now been teaching the sport around the UK as well as many countries such as Japan, Australia, USA, Europe.

The finals at Crufts started in 2006 and I was lucky enough to win the first freestyle final with Disco a Portuguese water dog. This was then followed by Pogo a Border Collie winning the freestyle final in 2010 and 2011 then in 2014 Whizzy a Poodle cross won. I am pleased to be able to say that I have won the freestyle final four times with three different dogs as I feel it shows my ability as a trainer to have achieved the win with dogs of different temperaments and breeds. A special mention should also be give to Betty my Chihuahua cross who made the finals alongside my bigger dogs which hopefully shows how much the sport is open to different breeds.

As a judge I have officiated at many competitions in the UK, judging the Crufts finals in 2007,2012 and in 2019. I have been invited to judge many times overseas with a highlight being one of the judges for the Open European Championships in Austria.

Other than competing in HTM/Freestyle, I am also regularly competing in sheepdog trials and occasionally when time permits I make the odd venture back into Obedience.
Handlers £45. Spectators £20